How computer vision technologies are changing reality

According to some forecasts, by the end of 2022 the size of the video analytics market in Russia will be 12.8 billion rubles, and in the whole world it should increase by almost 24% by 2029. But evaluating this market only by the financial performance of service providers, equipment manufacturers, and solution creators is not entirely correct, because video analytics is a tool that allows you to introduce artificial intelligence into areas where it was not possible to use it before. About how these technologies change our life now and where they will be applied already tomorrow, "Expert" was told by experts of the Lanit and Expasoft companies.

Defeat the human factor

In the past few years, computer vision technologies have developed so much that they are now being used in more and more new areas. This is largely due to the general digital transformation - the emergence of qualitatively different computing power, the availability of a larger array of data for training models and the improvement of the algorithms on the basis of which such systems work.

Sergey Litvinov, Head of the Center of Competence for Big Data and Artificial Intelligence of the Lanit Group of Companies, said that, first of all, thanks to the development of video analytics technologies, approaches to the organization of industrial and public security are changing - such systems are able to identify objects, distinguish various actions, behavioral patterns and respond appropriately to them. For example, they understand whether a worker went to a construction site without a helmet or just took it off to scratch his head, whether he waves his hand to greet one of his colleagues, or calls for help in an unforeseen situation.

In general, as Alexander Shkilev, managing partner of Exposoft, says, video analytics itself is not a new phenomenon, it appeared back in the 90s of the last century. Since then, these technologies have been actively developed, and in the last few years they have experienced a real boom. In this case, there are many directions where it is advisable to use them. As an example, Shkilev cites a security guard who, due to his official duties, is forced to monitor what is happening on several monitors at the same time. It also happens that we are talking with someone on the phone, and after a few minutes we are distracted by something and stop understanding what our interlocutor is talking about. The same with the guard, - says the interlocutor of "Expert". 

This also applies to other professions, for example, the same truckers. A tired driver can fall asleep at the wheel and cause a terrible accident. With current video analytics technologies, it is very easy to control his fatigue: the system reads facial expressions, movements, determines the level of concentration of the driver in many ways and signals the need to stop the car and take a rest.


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