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If you're seeking for CentOS alternatives or Red Hat Alrternative or replacements, like millions of other CentOS users, check out our list.

CentOS' parent company, Red Hat, announced in December 2020 that the business will transition its attention from CentOS Linux to CentOS Stream, an upstream development platform for ecosystem developers. Millions of system administrators continue to utilise CentOS for their servers, virtual machines, and appliances.

Centos/redhat alternatives

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What are the finest CentOS substitutes?

Following Red Hat's statement, people began looking for a dependable CentOS option. Most CentOS customers are looking for the finest CentOS replacement or alternative to meet their requirements. If you fall into this category, this list may help you find your next distribution.

Alma Linux


AlmaLinux was founded by CloudLinux, a company well-known in the Linux OS industry. AlmaLinux OS is a community-driven, open-source, enterprise-grade Linux operating system. AlmaLinux is a community-guided and produced 1:1 binary-compatible clone of RHEL. AlmaLinux also makes it simple to migrate from CentOS, with a single command converting large server fleets.

  • Website:
  • Download AlmaLinux from AlmaLinux Repo: Download Link
  • Rocky Linux


    Rocky Linux, named after CentOS co-founder Rocky McGough, was also announced immediately following Red Hat's decision. It is a free, community-based server-oriented Linux distribution created by Gregory Kurtzer, CentOS's original co-founder. Kurtzer also intends to produce a second community-based CentOS replacement. Rocky Linux's first stable release was made available in June 2021.

  • Visit to Rocky Official website:
  • Rocky Linux official download URL: Download Here
  • Ubuntu Server


    Ubuntu is a popular Linux distribution for both server and desktop use. Although Ubuntu is a CentOS alternative, it is part of the Debian Linux family tree and uses software that CentOS does not. Ubuntu, on the other hand, is not an RPM-based Linux distribution. You can use Alien to convert RPM packages into DEB files for usage with Ubuntu. If you are certain that Ubuntu satisfies all of your requirements and is the best option for you, you can switch from CentOS to Ubuntu, but keep in mind that this is a major decision.

  • Ubuntu's official website is:
  • Download Ubuntu's official website is: Ubuntu Linux ISOs
  • Oracle Linux

    Oracle Linux

    Oracle Linux is a fork of RHEL that is currently available and allows you to migrate from CentOS without having to reinstall. It has also been available since 2006 and is 100% application binary compatible with RHEL. It provides two kernels: the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel and the Red Hat Compliant Kernel. Oracle pledges that Oracle Linux source code and binaries will always be free, although support costs $1.199 per year.

  • Website:
  • Download Oracle Linux’ all versions: Oracle Linux ISOs
  • Dabian Linux

    Debian Linux

    Dabian Linux is another well-known open-source Linux distribution that offers a robust server distribution. It is also one of the most established and widely used Linex kernel-based operating systems. Because it is a community-driven and old distribution, there are numerous internet resources available in the event of a problem. Debian Linux is also well-known for its extensive software library and architecture support. The developers give thorough documentation that may be really valuable during your migrating process.

  • Website:
  • Download Debian: Getting Debian
  • Fedora Linux

    Fedora Linux

    Fedora is primarily sponsored by Red Hat, with assistance from other enterprises. That is yet another source of commercial Red Hat Enterprise. The community is based on four guiding principles: features, freedom, first, and friends. Fedora Server focuses primarily on current data centre technologies and enables complete control over all services and infrastructure. Fedora is a community-supported server operating system with a limited lifespan. As a result, there is no paid-support option, even though the community is always eager to help users in need.

  • Website:
  • Download Fedora Server: Download Here
  • OpenSUSE Linux

    Suse Linux

    openSUSE is another popular server and desktop distribution. SUSE Software Solutions Deutschland GmbH and other companies have funded it. SUSE Software Solutions Deutschland GmbH and other companies have funded it. openSUSE includes YaST, an installation and setup tool with an intuitive interface and comprehensive configuration capabilities. The distribution offers two formats: the LTS-style Leap and the rolling release Tumbleweed. If you wish to utilise openSUSE as a CentOS replacement on your server, you should use the Leap version, which is far more stable than Fedora Server.

  • Website:
  • Download OpenSUSE: Download Link
  • AlmaLinux and RockyLinux are easily the greatest CentOS alternatives. AlmaLinux, produced by the experienced CloudLinux team, and Rocky Linux, created by one of CentOS's original co-founders, are now the two most popular CentOS replacements.


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