Ruselectronics holding developed system for high-speed Internet

Ruselectronics holding, which is part of the Rostec State Corporation, presented a line of satellite communication systems for cars, trains, helicopters, aircraft and ships.

The presentation of the novelty took place at the Army-2022 international military-technical forum, held on August 15-21 in Patriot Park.

“Antenna systems  integrated with on-board multimedia systems that allow organizing video conferencing, , IP telephony and high-speed Internet connection permanent, receiving satellite TV signal, as well as ensuring the exchange of monitoring information necessary for driving and controlling the vehicle ", - explained the press service of Rostec.

The General Director of the United Instrument-Making Corporation, which is the managing organization of Ruselectronics, Sergey Sakhnenko said that the serial production of the complexes is planned to begin next year.

Serials production of the complexes are planned to be launch in 2023.

It is specified that within the framework of the Army-2022 forum, the Avtomatika concern, which is part of Roselectronics, presented three types of systems - for aircraft, helicopters and moving objects.

The complex is intended for use on passenger aircraft, in particular, Superjet, Tu-214 and MS-21; the equipment can also be installed on drones, the press service of the state corporation drew attention. They added that the system for moving objects, designed for cars and trains, was successfully tested on the Moscow-St. Petersburg-Petrozavodsk-Murmansk route this year.

Previously, Expert reported that the Ruselectronics holding had developed an ornithological flight safety system for airports, which makes it possible to track the flight of up to a hundred birds at a distance of up to 21 km.


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