RHCSA EX200v9 Latest Exam Questions with solutions -3

Red Hat Certified System Administrator Latest RHCSA EX200v9 Exam Latest Questions with solutions based on RHELv9 Part-3

RHCSA question and Answer-2

 Part-3 is having updated new latest questions asked in RHCSA Ex200v9 Exams.

For RHCSA questions and answer Part-1 and Part-2 Have a look below.

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Q1.a. Search the files with extension .pl and copy the files to directory /root/pl.found.

b. Search student user files and copy the files to directory /root/student.found.

Ans: a.

# mkdir /root/pl.found
# find / -type f -name *.pl -exec cp -rvfp {} /root/pl.found \;
# ll /root/pl.found

Ans: b.

# mkdir /root/student.found
# find / -type f -user student -exec cp -rvfp {} /root/student.found \;
# ll /root/student.found

2. Search the keyword “sar” in /usr/share/dict/words file and store the lines in /root/sar.found.

# grep sa /usr/share/dict/words |sort > /root/sar.found

3. When we will create any users in node1 the password of that particular user should expire in 20days.

# vi /etc/login.defs


Check: - add one user and put chage -l (user name)

4. Write a script named adhoc.sh under /root which will search less than 2M files from /var and store it in /root/backup and also set the permission of set user identifier (SGID)

# vi adhoc.sh

find /usr -type f -size -2M -exec cp {} /root/backup \;

:wq! (save and exit from file)

#chmod 2775 adhoc.sh

5. Give the sudo permission to group1.

# vi /etc/sudoers


:wq! (save and exit)

6. When the existing user joe will create the file the permission should come as rw------- and when create the directory it should come as rwx------

# su - joe
$ vi .bashrc
umask 077 (write it in last line)

:wq!  (save and Exit file)

umask 077 (execute in terminal)

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